Thankful Thursday -Provisions

On Saturday, the men of a dear family we know were returning from a week long hunting trip.  The 5 of them shot 8 deer.  They kept 5 for their family of 13, gave 2 to families that were hunting but were unable to hit a deer, and then, they brought one to us!!!

WooHoo for deer meat!  I love venison meat and my children are just really being introduced to it.  Out of the very large doe that we got, we were able to cut up and get 4 large roasts, which I was then able to cut in half and so we have 8 venison roasts, we also got 3 freezer bags of stew meat, then we had backstraps...never had that before, but I'm told it makes great BBQ meat.  We kept all the bones to make stock and there were some bones with meat left on and I'll use those to put in my greens or beans.

Monday night, I took one of the roasts and put it in the crock pot on low with some seasonings, onions, and bay leaf.  I also added a cup of water...venison is very lean and can dry out rather quickly.  Tuesday afternoon I added some broth, cream of mushroom soup, barley, and a bag of frozen mixed veggies.  We sat down to eat dinner rather early that evening and then I realized that would have been a perfect meal to have some cornbread with.  However, as we were all sitting at the table, it was really too late.  It didn't stop us from enjoying our meal.

It was totally delicious!!!!

So today, I'm thankful for God's provision of deer meat that will last us a while.  Only God knew that on their first hunting trip ever they would hit 8 deer and that they would bless us with one.  Meat is one less thing on my grocery list for now!!!

Praising God for his creatures!  Especially those we can eat! LOL

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Cindy said...

On those backstraps, try marinating them in Moore's or Dale's (cut in half by water) for a couple of hours, butterfly, and grill. You will not want to cook the meat past medium rare. AWESOME!
My husband and son are avid hunters; I haven't bought beef hamburger in years! Some of the best steaks I have ever had were some t-bones we got last for the first time last year. They were tiny but delicious!
-Cindy <><


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