Thankful Thursday -Fellowship


Today and every day I am so grateful for dear friends and fellowship.  There is just something about getting together with like minded friends and sharing your day with them.

We had no plans for Thanksgiving, my oldest sister went out of town, my youngest sister went to her in-loves home and me and my children were going to just hang out here at home together.  I planned our menu, not a lot.  Bought the groceries needed.  And prepared my mind and body to just relax and enjoy the day with my kiddos.  Then we got the invitation.  We totally LOVE this family.  They have become like family to us.  There are 11 children and truth be told I can't remember whose name goes with who until I get there and see all the faces! LOL ;-)  But I love them all the same.

So, our dinner we cooked on Wednesday so that we could have it on Friday...no need cooking on a day I could be sewing! LOL
We also made a few things to take to our friends.  We'll be back later this evening and hopefully we'll have some great pics for me to post.

Another thing that makes me so grateful for this family...they have been there for me an my children from the moment my mother was in the hospital last year.  This her 3rd year without her mother and my 1st year without mine.  We are kindred spirits in more ways than one.

Thinking of how she has been my rock over this past year, I'm grateful to all the rocks in my life!  You women ROCK!!!!!  Thank you for pouring into me even when you were down. Thank you for lifting me in prayer and covering my family as well.  Thank you for inspiring me to do better, live righteous, seek God, and serve my family.  Seriously, YOU ROCK!!!!

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