Adventure for today

We were all cozy and warm in the house.  The temperatures were falling outside and the wind was blowing fiercely from the north.  The sheep were put out on long tie-outs and allowed to graze in the open fields.

However, the male sheep decided to wrap his tie out around our water faucet and got all nice and tangled.  SNAP, and the water in the house is no more, but we had a geyser of water shooting forth outside.  UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

My son just fixed a pipe last week that froze during the lovely winter weather we had.
We've gotten so used to pipes bursting, that we just keep all the supplies we will need on hand for the next time.

So we set about to fix this pipe as well.  Our hands were freezing and then they just went numb.  Our toes, well they were wet and frozen too.  Our shoes, pants, shirts, coats, all caked in mud.  The temp now read 32 degrees, but with the wind blowing, it felt well below 20 degrees.

What would normally have taken 30 min. to repair, took us 2 1/2 hours simply because of the temperatures.

The temps are supposed to drop a bit more tonight.  We're praying for no frozen pipes. They are all covered, but we've learned that means absolutely nothing at times.

All in all, we had a great day, working together and being together.  At any rate, when my son has a family, he'll be well skilled at repairing busted pipes; my girls will be too, but hopefully they will only be needed to advise if there husbands have no idea.  As for me, I've repaired enough water pipes to last me a life time and yet I'm sure there will be more!!!

Now, for a nice hot bath and facial....I'm really trying to get warm and feel my toes (which still seem to be frozen).


Love Abounds At Home said...

I still can't believe your experiencing that type of weather down there.
Stay warm :)

Tasha said...

Girl I am loving this weather! I love, love, love the winter.
We are nice and toasty, even if I have to wear socks to bed! LOL

L said...

I'm allergic to the winter. Sorry about your pipes.

Nabila Grace said...

Hope that you made it through another night! :o) I'm enjoying the snow and colder temps here as well! ;o)


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