A Few Ramblings....

Sometimes as I'm driving the school bus, I have mountains of things I want to blog about and then when I sit in front of my laptop, I can't think of one single thing!  Talk about frustrating.  I don't have the option of writing things down, even when I'm dropping off or picking up children...they move too quick. ;-)

Something the kids and I started is our quest to read through the Bible this year along with our church.  We've done well, and not just to read it for readings sake, but to actually get into His word and see what He has to say to us.  It's been quite fun and extremely interesting.  We also ALL participated in our churches Solemn Assembly.  We take the first week of the new year and fast from something...preferably the evening meal and pray and get into His Word.  We turned off the tv, haven't even listened to the radio, and took a hiatus from Facebook.  My sister and her family did something very similar.  They still had their evening meals, but disconnected from a lot of other things.  Solemn Assembly is over and my sister is still disconnected from the tv, preferring to keep it off during the day and her husband has turned it on a couple of times in the evenings.  They've gotten a routine, as have we, with getting into the Word!!! It's all really exhilarating!

Our Christmas tree is still up and the kids asked me not to take it down until we've had our Christmas in March...maybe April, depending on IRS. HA HA HA

We are still praying for God's provisions in our lives.  We ended 2010 with miracles beyond our wildest imagination.  We're still praying for that miracle debt free house...He's able!

AND, I fell today at work.  Yep, fell twice on the ICE.  I think I may have just pulled a muscle in my back, but I will keep an eye on things just in case.  The snow is still around, on the grassy areas, but as the temperatures are still below freezing at night, it freezes.  I LOVE THE SNOW, I HATE THE ICE!!!

God has given me a great idea for a single mom's ministry....please pray if this is something He wants me to do, that He would supply EVERY resource needed, as it will take lots of resources!!!

So much for my ramblings, I'll try to remember some of the things I've wanted to blog about.  Hopefully the next post will be of great interest.


Nabila Grace said...

Ramble anytime you want my dear! ;o) Sometimes that what helps us open our hearts and minds! :o)

Vee said...

Oh no! I'm sorry that you fell on the ice. You mention it as almost an afterthought. You are so good at looking on the sunny side. (I know what you mean about blogging ideas. More have slipped away than have been retained, believe me.)

L said...

Missing you deary. Love your blog. Take care. Praying for you.

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