Hello 2011

We attended church for New Year's Eve and brought in the New Year with lots of laughter, praise, worship, and truth.  I have to say this has been my most memorable one yet.  I worshipped and as we sang, God allowed me to "hear" the words and see 2010 flash before my eyes.  All  the times I thought there was no way I'd make it and yet He kept me.  The thought of living without my mother and He carried me.  The trials and struggles with finances and He provided for us.  2010 was a year loaded with testimonies to who God is.

As a church family, at the beginning of 2010, we dedicated the year to Knowing Who God Is.  Little did I know that it would literally play out in my life.  Towards the end of 2010 we studied the names of God.  Through the names of God we get to see God's character.  Little did I know that I would literally get to see His character in every facet of my life, thus getting to know the names of God first hand.

During the last week of 2010, I read someone's blog and they were speaking of their goal for 2011.  At that moment, I thought very cynically, I'm still trying to make it through 2010 and you're asking what my goal is for 2011????  However, as we were sitting in church and listening to the teaching, I knew immediately what my goal for 2011 would be...A year of No Worries.  Matthew 6:32-34...The Gentiles (unsaved) worry about the things in life.  We as Christians have a Heavenly Father that already knows we need those things in life.  He just asks that we focus on Him first.  As Pastor Evans said it, put His Kingdom (His authority) and His Righteousness (His standards) first above any and every thing, and HE will add all the things (everything we need) to our lives.  What's so awesome is, not only will He add the things we need, but He'll even throw in some of the things we want!!!  He then went on to say, not to worry about tomorrow for it's got enough trouble of its own.  And truthfully, if we are focusing on God's Kingdom and Righteousness for TODAY, then tomorrow never comes, because tomorrow will always be today.  THAT was my ahhhhhhaaaaaaa moment.  In 2010 I focused on so many tomorrows.... in 2011, I want to focus on my todays and let God deal with my tomorrows.

In the beginning of 2010 I was filled with so much grief over my mother's death and the betrayal of my husband walking out again.  Though I am still grieving, this year I look forward to each day seeing what God will do in my life as He continues to draw me closer to Him.  I know He has great things in store for me and my children.


Nabila Grace said...

Praying for you and this new year! I don't personally make resolutions...I just try to work on different things in my life. ;o) Love you dear!

Lady Kara said...

Hi Tasha,

We had very similar New Years' experiences. I'd like to join you in the pledge not to worry in 2011! God bless!

Lady Kara


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