Gleaning The Harvest Chipin Widgets

I want to first say this ministry is amazing.  I am very thankful that there is something out there for us single, home-schooling moms!!!!  Each month others are able to bless the families listed on Gleaning the Harvest to help meet our financial needs.
Last week a dear friend asked me how things were going and asked about the widget she had on her blog.  She noticed that each month it said the goal was met.  However, what we did not know is that each month you have to go the the Gleaning the Harvest website and get the new code for the chipin widget each month.  It does NOT automatically update.
So if you are one of those who has mine or another family's widget on your blog or website, remember each month to get the new code and put it on your blog or site.

Have a blessed day and remember even a $1 is a help to a single mama!!!!

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