The Lord's Day

We weren't able to attend services today with our church family so we had a family time of devotions instead using the notes from our last Sunday service.  It was a pleasant time in the Lord.  Luke 8:4-12, we're studying about the soil of our hearts.  Today was in regards to the seed falling by the wayside and how the enemy comes immediately to snatch the Word from us.  You can go here and read the notes for yourself.  I pray it will be enriching to your spiritual growth.

Yesterday, my girls, my sister, and I were able to attend a one day women's retreat at a dear friends church.  I love her church family.  They have always welcomed me in and made me feel like part of the family from the first time we walked in about 5 years ago.  We attended this church for almost a year until God moved us to our current church home.  I gleaned so much from the women yesterday and was encouraged and renewed in various areas, but especially in my quiet time with the Lord and to keep pressing forward in our family devotions.

I know the Lord is making changes within my heart regarding various areas and though I don't always look forward to presenting them to my children, I do feel a great sense of relief to have those burdens lifted.

Praying you had a blessed day in the Lord!!!!

May I leave you with Ps. 119:11 Your Word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You.

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