Our 4th of July 2011

My Dear friend Debbie and 2 of her 4 children.
On the wall are pics. of all 4 of her children.
Amazing Host and Wonderful friend!!!
Two weeks before the holiday, I received an email from a dear friend whose daughter went to Journey to the Heart with my oldest daughter.  They had become fast friends and the family had been working on getting us to Arkansas for 2 years.  Earlier that morning, I prayed aloud "Lord, I just need a break, I think we all need to just get away for a breather."  I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with needed car repairs, job searches, and house hunting.  I needed a getaway.  That evening I got the email asking if we would like an all expense paid trip to Arkansas and as I told my children, everyone unanimously said YES we want to go!!!
There were things that needed to fall into place.  So we began to pray for God to orchestrate things if it was His will.  And orchestrate He did.  He put everything in place to a "T" and left nothing undone.  Of course that is His character, but you know it's still awesome to see things work out before your very eyes.
We rented the car that Thursday afternoon, that night I prayed and asked God why now, and Friday morning we were on our way.  We used google maps and that had us going all over the place, but since I had never been there, I didn't know there was an easier way.  We ended up on a slope so steep that I began to have a major panic attack.  I had to pull the car over because at this point I was afraid I would lose control of the vehicle.  I began to pray for God's help and He calmed me enough to get us down that slope.   (I NEVER WANT TO EXPERIENCE ANOTHER ONE)
From the moment we arrived, I knew God had a purpose for us being there.  My hope was gone, I felt helpless, I felt like a failure, I felt like life was spinning out of control.
Within the first 2 hours of us being there, I was a jumble of tears and the healing began, and God said "This is why now".  God began to use my friends testimony of widowhood and single parenthood to minister to me and bring healing and restoration in a lot of areas in my heart, and God said "This is why now".
We then had dinner and a fun evening with some other friends of ours.  It was really nice and relaxing.  Throughout the weekend, I was touched by so many who truly cared about what we were going through, and God said "This is why now".
I had not given one thought of worry to our situation back at home.  I was determined to just leave it all behind.  Even when talking to others about it, I didn't get worried or fearful.  I had a GREAT peace (Holy Spirit) and I knew He was in control, and God said "This is why now".
We attended church that Sunday and the message was about setting our priorities right, and God said "This is why now".  .  That was something I needed to hear, yet again, and I determined right then and there that things needed to change in my heart, life, family, and home.  Immediately after service we had lunch at the church and fellowship.  Again I was asked to share about our situation and there was much prayer, and God said "This is why now".  .  After church, we are used to doing whatever pleases us, so when we returned to my friends house, she let me know that they do things a bit differently.  We laid down to rest for a bit and then we had supper, and then a time of sharing.  We discussed the sermon and talked and then had a time of prayer (in a circle on the floor...supposed to be on our knees, but mine couldn't handle it so we sat).  God began to minister to my heart through the prayers of my friend and her children, and God said "This is why now".  It's been a long time since I've been able to pray for my husband sincerely.  We prayed for restoration in his heart and walk with God.  We prayed for provisions for our situation.  We prayed for direction and wisdom.  And of course we gave praise and thanks for God and who He is and what He has done.  Afterwards we sat and visited for a while and then went to bed....Monday was the big 4th Party and everyone was totally excited, and God said "This is why now".  .
Monday was awesome...  That morning I received an email regarding the house.  The friends decided financially they could not take back over the house and maintain their other home as well.  I could continue to live in the home if I could again take over the payments.  I then received a phone call and shared the news with someone and asked what they thought.  I was not expecting what I heard from the other end, the caller was my husband and he said, don't worry about the payments, I will make them from now one, and God said "This is why now".  SPEECHLESS, I prayed Lord I don't know what you're doing, but I give you all praise and honor.
I've not been to a celebration so big and so fun in a long time.  My friend thought of everything.  There were games for all ages, things to do for everyone, a game of speed volleyball took place, swimming, food, fireworks, and LOTS of fellowship.  As the night went on, families began to leave one by one and as one family was preparing to leave, the husband and wife came to say good bye and speak to me.  He said, we want you to know we love you and your family so very much.  We have prayed and feel the Lord has lead us to pay for the transmission repair on your van.  IMMEDIATELY tears began to flow.  I was speechless.  $2500 in repairs, I had been so worried about it and asking God how I was going to get this done.  I have no income and no resources, and God said "This is why now".  We prayed and cried and gave thanks and rejoiced!
As I went to bed that night 2 of the 3 worries and fears I had were removed.  My only other concern was/is a job.  However, I don't have to stress about that either because I know God will provide just what I need in His perfect time.
On our ride home, at times I was in deep thought....or so it seemed.  I was actually re-living every moment of the weekend and giving praise to a God that is so great He did not forsake me.  He cared for me even when I was doubting and growing weary.  He had answers to my problems long before the problem came up.  I don't deserve any of what God has done for me, but because He loves me...
My sister said I was a Bible story...the kind of testimony I have she said she's only ever read about.  She said she has been blessed by hearing how the Lord has/is working in my life.  I hadn't thought about it this way, but as I look back over the last 5 1/2-6 years, God really has been amazing and He truly has been our provider.  I am ever thankful that He is with me, that He is for me, that He loves me.  He is an awesome and amazing God and boy oh boy do I love me some HIM!!!!!!!!

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