Just kicked my butt tonight!!!!!!!!!  They offered a free class and so my sister and I tried it just to see what it was like.  OH MY WORD!!!!  I'm hurting in places I forgot existed and haven't moved in YEARS!!!!  But it felt oh so good.

As I soaked in the water tonight, I said a quick prayer.  It feels sooooo good to do something for me.  That may sound selfish, but I think as mothers, we often times don't take care of ourselves as we are busy taking care of everyone and everything else around us.  We need to see to our needs too or we won't be any good for anyone else!

I've turned in more applications.  I have got to find something part time until fall classes start.  Then they highly recommend not working as the course is pretty tough.  The home health aid will only be part time and it will just be 2 hours for 3 days, which is all I really need at this point.  It will at least keep me from losing my car!

OK, I'm off to bed, I'm exhausted......

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