B U S Y.....

I really had good intentions of blogging more regularly this new year and well, I got busy.  Busy getting ready for school.  I thought school would start back up for me on the 16th, only to find out that I actually start Monday the 14th!!!

That meant I had to put things into high gear to get ready!!!  All supplies are purchased, books rented and/or purchased, I have my class schedule and things are looking good. I've got to work on my daily schedule so I can plan homework, study time, and also my menu. 

Making my menu this go round shouldn't be too difficult.  I'll need to purchase food for my kids, but as for me, my Omega VRT350HD is on its way and I will be having some awesome juices soon. 

I've been researching juicers for a long time it seems as well as various juices to try out.  I'm going to start out with a 10 day juice feast.  My goal is to work my way up to a 60 day juice feast, but I'll take baby steps.  After each feast I will basically continue to juice for breakfast and lunch and then my dinner will consist of either a cooked vegan meal or a raw vegan meal. I'm super excited!!!  

I'll post later on the few juices I will be making to get me started.  

What are you doing this new year to be healthier?

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