It FINALLY arrived!!!  I did the water fast up until the very moment the UPS woman arrived with my juicer. 

Then it came...I opened the box and pure awesomeness.  I set everything out and just looked things over.  
All the parts were there and I could not wait to get my fruits and veggies out and get started.  

I made Joe Cross' Mean Green Juice.  I took the advice of so many others that had juiced and put a plastic bag in the pulp cup for easier clean up.  And I began to juice.

I had approximately 78 oz of juice, and aside from 2 oz I gave to my daughter, I drank all 76 oz.  The initial taste of it was a bit green at first.  After about the third sip all was well and I was really enjoying the taste.  I could taste things individually and yet I could taste it all combined.  I can't really explain what I felt after the first 16 oz. My skin began to tingle and feel alive. 

Earlier in the day I began to think about what I heard one person say, that they just really missed chewing.  I like to eat ice (I know I shouldn't, but I do).  That is what I will munch on if I feel the need to chew.  

As for my weekend plans, I hope and plan to stay near home for the first few days should I need to be close to the restroom or I begin to get fatigued and such.  I'll be able to just take it easy.

I'll try to do a video tomorrow of the Carrot, Apple, Ginger Juice.  Until then, Juice On!!!!


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