Day 2

Day 2 Recap:  I began to feel a bit lethargic and foggy brained towards the end of the day.  I just wanted to lay down and relax, however we had to attend my nieces birthday party and so there was no rest in sight for several hours.  It did help with my energy being around all my little nieces and nephews and playing chase with them and such.  By the time we made it home I was totally exhausted and was sleep before my head hit the pillow.
I am experiencing a lot of urination, but not much else.
I'm craving salads.  I am not surprised by this at all.  Before going the vegan route or even juicing, I was always a HUGE fan of fruits and vegetables.  As a little kid, my mother would cook dinner and I'd take a bite of meat and eat at least 3 servings of salad and vegetables.  This was the norm for me then.  Becoming a vegan hasn't been too difficult, because I can really do without the meat, no big deal.  We "trained" our children to love their veggies as well and they would get excited over broccoli or salad nights.  So for me to crave a salad is nothing new.  What is new is that I'm craving specific things such as kale, cucumbers, and celery.
I'm not drinking nearly as much water as I should so I'll be working on that the remainder of the feast.    


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