The Beginning:  I find it hard to drink water the first thing when I get up.  I am just not fond of the taste of water at that particular time.  However, I finally got a 20 oz bottle of water down along with a coffee cup of ice to munch on and felt pretty good.  I then got busy completing an open book test I had.

Day 3 Recap:  Feeling very tired and sluggish.  I have a slight headache that is annoying, but not too painful.  My body aches at times but not too bad.  I can't seem to focus and I have to finish an open book exam and complete reading 7 chapters for classes this week.
I've spent no real valuable time with God the last 2 days and I'm trying to work on my schedule to rectify that.  I need somewhat rigid schedules to function whether I'm fasting or not.  It's a bit hard however when I can't totally focus on one thing right now.  Going to finish my open book exam and leave the reading for tomorrow.  I'll spend the rest of the day in bed vegging out on videos and movies.  


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