God Will...

Sometimes choose to tie your hands so He can be God.

My 16 year old daughter left last Saturday to attend a 10 day retreat called Journey to the Heart.  We clearly knew that this is what God had for her.  She was/is so ready for spiritual breakthrough in her life and for God to reveal Himself to her, just for her.  We also knew the enemy did not and does not want her to have or experience that freedom.  The tactics he chose, we would have never imagined or thought of, but when you finally sit down and look at the order of things, you can see the hand of the enemy all in it!!! UGH I HATE THE DEVIL!!!

Well, Friday night she twists her ankle while helping to move our dogs and get them situated.  We thought we would need to head to the hospital because of the amount of pain she was in.  I said, there is no way I'm going to put you on the plane on crutches.  This made her cry more, she said I have to go.  I told her the best thing we could do was pray for healing.  Around 4:15 AM she woke up and said God told me to get up and walk and as she hobbled with a slight limp I could see her get stronger and stronger.  It made me think of the lame man in the Bible.  By the time we got to the airport there was an ever so slight limp not noticeable to anyone that didn't know what happened the previous night.

Her ticket says 8:35 and we get to the gate at 8:25 and the lady informs us the plane is taking off as we are standing there and sure enough we look out the window and there it went.  However, she could go on standby on another flight.  Having worked in the airline industry, I know that standby does NOT guarantee you a seat and you could get bumped from flight to flight all day long.  When we get to the other gate for the next flight, that person actually gives her a boarding pass....meaning she is no longer on standby, but is booked as a passenger as though she bought and paid for a ticker for THAT flight!  Praise be to God!
We sit around for 3 1/2 hours waiting.

As the day progresses, she finally calls and says she made it safely to Chicago, HOWEVER, they can't find her luggage.  They file a missing bag report and tell her they will bring it to her as soon as it shows up.

My child is in cold, windy Chicago and I'm in Texas and there is NOTHING, did you hear me? NOTHING I can do.  By Sunday evening, her bags are still no where to be found. 

My heart ached to hear my child crying saying she's cold and her coat is no where to be found.  She thinks of all the skirts I lovingly made for this trip and she's heartbroken, her new Bible is also among the missing, not to mention all of her personal items.  She's frantic, yet thankful for all the girls that loaned her clothes for Sunday, but she can't take a shower and she's feeling defeated. 

What does a mother do when her hands are tied and she hears the cries of her child, but can physically do nothing about it?  Well, let me tell you, I cried and I prayed and I cried and I prayed.  Finally I said Lord she was Yours before she was ever mine.  You orchestrated this for her, so You could show Yourself strong and mighty in her life.  Please Lord, just have mercy and make it quick. 

It wasn't a matter of my faith or belief that God was/is able.  It was a mother's natural heart aching to comfort her child in the midst of her pain and agony.  Yet, the only thing I could do is give her back to the one who created her before time began.  Talk about a real life practical releasing/surrendering of someone you care so deeply for.

Oh, but isn't this just like God?  He is our Father and He so desperately wants to comfort us in the midst of our pain and agony.  We at times, because He does allow us free will and when we choose to go against Him we tie his hands.

Sunday night, a couple of the leaders took her to Walmart and purchased EVERYTHING my sweet girl will need for the remainder of her trip...to include a nice warm coat. 

Now I pray daily that she is comfortable enough to focus on God and God alone.  Please join with me in prayer that her spiritual eyes will be opened to what He has for her to see and that her spirit would be awakened to the things of God.  Breakthrough is what she longs for and needs.  She desires to know God as her own and not just what mama says.  She's seen Him bless her family but she needs to know His blessing for herself.

As of today, Wednesday - 11/4, her original bag has still yet to be located.  Please pray it turns up.  Also pray for her safe return home...I can't wait to see the transformation in her life on Tuesday - 11/10 when I lay eyes on her again.

In Christ,

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