Praise & Fear...My Oxymoron

Thursday, Nov. 5th, my husband returned home.  It's been a long hard 4 year road of separation for us, but God has been faithful.  It still has not set in that this is real and in reality, a part of me waits for him to wake up and say "I made a mistake or I changed my mind".  This is where my fear overtakes me.
We've got much garbage to work through and the challenges we face will not be easy.  
I do trust that God can do ANYTHING and yet, I know as humans, we have the ability to make choices that are not always pleasing to the Lord.

Every time I went in the direction towards divorce, God clearly said no.  It finally got to the point that I said Lord if you intend for me to remain without him or any mate, I will obey.  My heart was heavy and yet He continued to give me dreams and visions of reconciliation.  It seemed like merciless torture to be honest.  

The enemy constantly whispers in my ear reminding me that he "returned" home once before for a week and still chose to walk away.  So I'm daily having to fight him off and repeat God's truths.

So our desire is to one day renew our vows, but until that time, please keep us lifted up in your prayers.  Place us constantly at His feet before the throne.  We still have a long way to go, but we are trusting God for guidance.

All glory and praise be to Our Lord Jesus Christ who has brought things to this point and holds us in His hands!!!


Persuaded said...

Oh Tasha.. I am so pleased for you dear! And I know, I really really do know, the fear and insecurity that is in your heart. I'll be praying for you honey.. and not just in that put-you-on-my-prayer-list kinda way. I'll left you and your family before the Lord whenever He brings you to my mind: morning, night or noon. ((hugs))

May God's richest blessings fill your home my dear friend.

Angie said...

Praising the Lord knowing he is truly in control!



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