Update on Housing Situation

Well, we have approximately 3 weeks to come up with $1600 and then begin making our regular payments of $369 beginning Dec. 5 or prepare our departure.  I'm a bit down, as I am not sure what we will do.  Nothing has happened at this point, no open doors or windows.  I still know that God is able, even in the final hour.  So I'm trying to remain focused on Christ....it's hard but I'll keep pressing forward and trusting.  My children remain so brave and their faith is unwavering...believing God will provide us a home.

Please continue to lift us up before the Lord.

Thank you!!!!

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Lady Kara said...

I will lift you up, dear sister. I've been there before, I'll probably be there again, who knows? I know well the desperation and resentment towards your husband you feel, and I'm there with you. Like L. Rose always says, we're all in this together!

God bless!


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