Can I Just Tell You About HIS Goodness and HIS Mercy?????

On April 4th, our water and lights were to be disconnected.  Each day we awoke with the blessing of them both still being on.  We were grateful for each days provision and we've learned never to take ANYTHING for granted.  We awoke on the 12th and had water until noon.  Thankfully we had filled all of our 5 gallon jugs with water the day before....remember each day we prepared because we had no idea when we would not have either.  I began to understand something through my prayer times, that this was going to happen for a purpose.  On the 13th, well after noon, the guy came to disconnect the lights.  He was VERY friendly and compassionate.  He wanted to make sure we had done everything we needed to do before he cut the power.  He continued to ask if we would be ok.  After assuring him we would be just fine, he cut the power.
This was our "camping" trip at home and our encounter with God.
Each morning and afternoon, we ate fruit and veggies.  Dinner we cooked on the grill each night.  Let me tell you, we had to get creative because we only had one cooler filled with ice as our fridge.  No freezer in sight, we ate lots of grilled veggies, veggie sandwiches, and occasionally we had meat.  Grilled veggie pizzas; humus, alfalfa sprout sandwiches; grilled egg plants with mozzarella cheese; sauted green beans; grilled loaded baked potatoes; roasted corn on the cob;  and for Easter, we enjoyed grilled leg of lamb, roasted corn on the cob, and roasted rosemary potatoes.
We filled our lanterns with oil and read by lantern, we laughed and we laughed some more.  We were busy by day and went to bed early each night.  We really had a great time for those 12 days.  God did an amazing surgery on my heart and faith.

Over the last few years, I've learned to take NOTHING for granted.  This would have literally killed someone else, but the enemy had no clue what God would do.  What satan meant to use to break me, God used to strengthen my walk and faith in Him!!!

The water was only off for 2 days, so we didn't have to worry about hauling water to and fro.  I'm a firm believer we can make it without electricity, but water is another thing.  Not many knew of our situation and once again, it was just as God wanted it.  Much prayer and trusting that God would provide and take care of me and my children....and HE DID!!!!

Thursday I got a text from a dear, sweet friend.  She said her husband had gotten a larger than expected commission check and they wanted to tithe to us.  This tithe allowed me to pay our water bill thru June, car insurance, car note, purchase items we needed in the home, AND get our lights back on and paid up to June!!!!!!  Not only did we get out lights back on, but our hot water tank was not heating our water even though we put in new heating elements TWICE.  However, when the power came back on, WE HAVE HOT WATER!!!!  Can I tell you how we rejoiced because we no longer have to boil water!!!  I jumped and shouted and jumped some more.  We clapped, we danced, we totally rejoiced!  God truly is an awesomely, amazing God!
We are believing that He will also provide for our mortgage.  We have learned He is MORE than ABLE.
There is no God like my God!!!!!!!!!
Now, to continue in my growth with Him and to get busy with some sewing!


Tan said...

Very, very happy to hear this great news!
thinking of you.

Love Abounds At Home said...

Doing the happy dance!

Lady Kara said...

Hi Tasha!

I knew it!! Only a matter of time! What a wonderful example of faith! May God continue to bless you!

Lady Kara

Angie said...

In your journey I have watched the Lord do some amazing things and so this just another way of Him showing you how much He loves you!!!


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