Life Changes...

We have finally packed the last item from the house.  The animals leave tomorrow and will stay with a friend until we can get things set up where we are and have them join us.  I'm going to miss them a bunch.  I'm at my sisters washing ALL the laundry that accumulated and I want it all clean and then I'll pack it in totes. 

I had my last class for the Summer 1 session on Tuesday and I made an A.  I start Summer 2 session on July 10.  11 more months of school and I'll be on my way.  I'm excited and ready for a fresh start.

We spent the 4th with friends (the one we'll be staying with).  She lives out by the lake.  I envision lots of mornings out on the dock with my Bible and journal and spending time with God.  Spiritual rejuvenation!!!  I'm ready.

We will start going back to church on Sunday as well.  Working on Sundays is not for me and I did it for a season, but that season is over.  I'm ready to be fed again and to be a part of our church family.

Hopefully after things have settled down a bit more, I'll be able to blog more.  I've got much to share about my vegan journey, garden, and life.


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