New Year, New Beginnings!

I am so pumped and excited about 2013!!!  Oops Sorry....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  I know I'm 4 days late, but life happened.

2012 was HELL for me and I'm not going to sugar coat that.

 However, God!!!!!

He kept me, held my hand, sometimes held me period, and brought me through to 2013.  I am believing God for an amazing year.  I feel this urgency of expectation and there really are no words to describe it except for electrifying!  It's in the atmosphere all around me and yet it's within me.
I'm about to begin reading some great books*.  Some have been sitting on my shelf and I've just looked at them and one I just got for Christmas.  I'll also be joining a Good Morning Girls group and doing a Bible Study on Luke 1-8 with them!  I'm ready!!!!!!  To add more to my life, school starts full swing on the 16th.  4 full months of classes and it's propelling me towards my future employment.  I'm ready to get back on my feet.  I hope to be getting my juicer in the next week or so and I will begin my journey into juicing.  I've got a huge goal of losing 50 lbs, but I'm aiming for smaller goals to start with.  A pound a week to start with and I'll go from there.  Plus I'm trying to vlog more about my hair journey, health/weight journey, and Walk with Christ.....It's starting to overwhelm me just putting it all down to see before my eyes!  LOL  Yet I know I won't be doing EVERYTHING EVERYDAY so it's not as much as it seems.

At any rate, I'm ready!!!

Prayer Request:  I need a reliable vehicle for no more than $2000 right now.
                          Immediate employment after school is over and mad savings after that.
                          My goal for moving into my own place by mid July.  So rent that is reasonable and    someone that will overlook my credit issues.  This may mean I have to move beyond where I wanted to move to...regardless God's will prevail!!!
                          Last, but not least, that God will meet me where I am and take me on the ride of my life!!!

Come along for the journey! I pray I bless you in some way!!!

*Books I'll be reading
Begin Again, Believe Again - Sharon A Hersh
Stronger Than You Think - Kim Gaines Eckert
When Pigs Move In - Don Dickerman


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